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Protect Your Solar Panel Investment

Easy Maintenance to Protect Your Investment in Solar Panels

Solar power has become one of the most popular forms of electricity generation. In fact, solar panel installations are on the rise in Manheim, Lititz, Gap, Landisville, Quarryville, Elizabethtown, Millersville, and throughout the greater Lancaster area. That’s because more homeowners are investing in solar panels as a way to lower energy bills and reduce dependence on energy companies.

People in Lancaster County know that solar panels can save money while still being good for the environment. But did you know that without regular solar panel cleaning and maintenance solar panels will lose efficiency? So whether you get them installed for free as a contract deal, or pay thousands of dollars to have them installed, they are an addition to your home’s exterior that should be cleaned yearly.

Solar panels are out in the elements 24/7/365. Over time, a build-up, or residue, can collect on the solar panels. Sleek, high-tech solar panels were designed to capture the optimal amount of light. But if part or all of your solar panels are obstructed with dirt, grime, mildew or algae, the efficiency of the solar panels can be reduced by as much as 12%. Unimpaired solar panels always work better than solar panels covered in dust, grime, bird droppings, or mildew.

In Lancaster County, walls and driveways usually receive the same moisture and sunlight as your roof. So, if you see mildew or discoloration on your home’s exterior walls, walkways, or driveway, your solar panels may also be dirty or covered in mildew. That means it is time to have your solar panels cleaned!

Keeping Solar Panels Clean

Cleaning your solar panels can be risky. Because most solar panels are placed on the roof, often at substantial heights, it may be best to leave solar panel cleaning to professionals. It’s especially dangerous for homeowners to mix heights, water, and cleaning.

Instead, consider calling in a professional who has both the experience and equipment to work with solar panels on slippery roofs. Atkins Deck has been serving the Lancaster area since 1991 and has a solar panel cleaning team that is height-certified. They also have sophisticated equipment and safety procedures to reduce risk to themselves and your solar panels.

Atkins’s solar panel cleaning professionals use a pure water system to remove dirt and grime from your solar panels. The pure water system filters water to remove dissolved solids and minerals that are commonly found in Lancaster County’s hard water. This ultrapure water is then pumped through boar’s hair brushes that are used to clean the solar panel. After the soft brushes have removed dirt and debris, the panels are thoroughly rinsed, leaving clean, spot-free glass behind.

Make sure your solar panels get the gentle cleaning and ultrapure water they need to work better and last longer. Contact the experienced solar panel cleaning team at Atkins Deck. They will treat your home and property with care and respect while helping to protect your investment through easy maintenance.

Learn more about Atkins Deck’s services and book your free consultation online.