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Atkins Deck Treatment Service

House Washing in Lancaster, PA

Atkins Deck is The Best Choice for Residential Pressure Washing Services

You work hard to make your home look great inside and out. But, when it comes to cleaning the exterior of your home, it may be time to call for professional house washing in Lancaster, PA from Atkins Deck. A thorough home exterior cleaning not only improves curb appeal, but it also helps your home’s exterior last longer. Whether you have a painted house, siding, brick, stone, or even stucco, Atkins uses the best method to clean your home. Our house washing service uses low pressure also known as a soft washing process to beautify your Lancaster County home.

We proudly offer pressure washing services to Manheim, Lititz, Gap, Landisville, Quarryville, Elizabethtown, Millersville, and throughout the greater Lancaster County area.

Pressure Washing

House Power Washing in Lancaster, PA

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There Are Many Reasons to Hire a House Power Washing Service

At Atkins, we don’t just move dirt around with a pressure washer. Our team of experienced, professional house cleaners will come to your home with the right tools and equipment for a thorough cleaning that won’t harm your home’s exterior, or the plants and ground coverings surrounding your home. Atkins exterior washing professionals have the right detergent, power washers, and equipment to clean your home’s exterior the right way. After an Atkins house washing, you may find that your home looks new again.

Atkin’s house washing team has the tools, pressure washers, and experience to clean a wide range of homes and materials. Whether you live in a cozy ranch or a sprawling three-story house, our exterior home cleaning team comes prepared with the right cleaning materials and equipment. The Atkins team can wash a variety of home materials, including aluminum and vinyl siding, stucco, Dryvit, Plexlight, artificial stone, and other home coatings. We can even apply a sealer or mildew retardant to stucco, Dryvit, Plexlight and artificial stone coated homes to keep mildew and mold from returning for several years. Atkins also offers window and solar panel cleaning services, using our water-fed pole system for a spot-free shine.

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What Causes Roofs and Non-Metal Surfaces to Rust?

In newer concrete, hard-to-detect trace amounts of iron, iron sulfide pyrite, or marcasite can eventually cause severe rust staining. In this circumstance, you may notice little streaks of rust throughout a concrete surface that often follow the slope. In other cases, the homeowner inadvertently begins the rust process through the use of some fertilizers. Iron-rich minerals found in many popular lawn and garden fertilizers may cause rust. When in minerals, these products remain on certain surfaces and materials long enough, moisture can eventually trigger rust. This is a common cause of rust on retaining walls.
Even metal roof flashings, metal chimneys, nails, lintels, bolts, railings, or other metals on your roof can eventually degrade and cause rust in small spots. Rain and snow then wash traces of rust and minerals across roof surfaces to produce large patches of red or reddish-brown that can range from a faded tinge to a deep, rusted discoloration. With all this buildup, there’s no better time to call for professional house washing in Lancaster, PA.

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