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Atkins Deck Treatment Service


Your source for products for your next project

DIY Homeowners Unite!

If you are a homeowner who would like to do your own deck cleaning and staining project, stop by our retail store. We offer the same quality products that we use for all of our jobs so you can achieve fantastic results!

  •  We even have several finished decks on display so you can see the colors on real wood.
  •  Get the right cleaners and semitransparent stains and get professional results!
  •  We are located in Leola, PA, just off route 23 at 10 Trinity Drive.

Wood Stain

Gemini TWP


Gemini TWP is an exterior wood stain and preservative that we use on decks, fences, log and cedar homes and deck furniture. We carry most of the colors in stock. Most stains are available in both 1-gallon and 5-gallon cans.


Deck Cleaner


A percarbonate deck cleaner that works very well.Just mix with warm water, then spray it on the deck. Let it sit for a few minutes on heavily soiled decks. Light agitation with a broom or brush may be required. Then wash the deck with low pressure power washer or a garden hose. Available in 16 oz. and 24 oz. boxes.


Orange Sol

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Orange Sol is a citrus-based cleaner that is good for getting overspray off of your siding and for cleaning your hands when working with oil-based stains. This cleaner will remove lots of stuff from magic marker to old caulk.

Deck Stain Stripper

Safe Strip

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Safe Strip is a good cleaner for previously coated decks. It will remove old oil-based finishes very well to prepare your deck to accept new stain. It can be applied through a downstream injector on your power washer or with a garden sprayer. Just spray it on your deck, let it sit for a short period of time, then wash the deck.


Conceal Caulk


Conceal Caulk is a textured caulk that we use on log and cedar homes to fill checks and bee holes as well as minor woodpecker damage. Comes in several colors. We stock a few of the colors, but can order any color available.




We have good quality brushes in an assortment of sizes which work well with oil-based stains.