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Atkins Deck Treatment Service

Masonry Waterproofing

Protect Your Brick and Masonry from Water Damage

Rain, humidity, snow, and ice are some of the most damaging elements on Earth. Over time water can wear through brick, stone, and even cement. A leak or drip accelerates damage, creating cracks or leaks that will eventually compromise the integrity of the materials around it. That’s why waterproofing is such an essential part of homeownership. Protecting your home from water damage could save you thousands of dollars in the future.

While they may look solid, brick walls and other masonry surfaces are actually made from porous materials, which means they can absorb water in ways that can cause potential problems. To prevent this kind of water damage, any porous brick and masonry surfaces should be professionally sealed with a good quality sealer, typically a siloxane type of sealer.

At Atkins, our team of experienced professionals can quickly protect your brick and masonry surfaces, by selecting from many different siloxane sealers. The choice will depend on the type of surface that needs to be sealed. Once we determine the job and the sealer, our skilled team professionally applies the sealant, so it maintains integrity for years to come.

Masonry Waterproofing

The benefits

Keep moisture from damaging your foundation and walls.

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Our approach

Professional Waterproofing with Protect Your Home for Years to Come

Many stone and masonry surfaces around your property may need to be sealed. That's why we offer the skill and materials needed to seal sidewalks, stone walkways, stone walls, concrete features, bricks, stone homes, split-faced block, artificial stone surfaces, and stucco.

When you contract with Atkins, you're investing in a thorough and professional approach. We start each job by first testing the surface to ensure it needs to be sealed. We used a technique called a Rylum test that determines how much water the surface is absorbing. If water beads on the surface, it doesn't need to be sealed. If the water gets absorbed, water is getting into the stone or masonry and will cause damage over time.

Once we've tested, our team of experienced professionals will apply a sealer that will protect the surface for many years. Once Atkins applies the waterproofs sealant, expect the protectant to last for about ten years on vertical surfaces, such as walls, and five years on horizontal surfaces such as concrete walks or patios.

Locally Owned Means We Know Lancaster County

To protect the stone, bricks, and masonry around your property, make sure water won't cause structural and aesthetic damage. Call the Atkins professional waterproofing team. Atkins is locally-owned and operated, so we understand how to protect the stone, brick, and masonry surfaces throughout the greater Lancaster area.

Our professionals will use only use the solutions and equipment that are right for your home, your property, and your waterproofing needs.

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