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Atkins Deck Treatment Service

Log and Cedar Homes

Love Your Log Cabin or Cedar Wood House Longer!

Log homes are popular in our area and no wonder. Whether your dwelling is new or 300 years old, nothing else can match the rustic character of these homes. Houses covered with cedar shakes or shingles are also a great regional look. These charming residences are warm and inviting in every season. However, both log and cedar homes have unique maintenance needs. While you don’t need to paint the wood, you do need to clean, stain, or condition your exterior periodically to prevent accelerated wear. If you’re looking for cedar home restoration—or any wood home restoration—the professionals from Atkins have the expertise to get the job done right. We are dedicated to protecting the beauty of the wood that makes your house so special. Even if your log or cedar home has grown darker over time or has acquired unsightly staining and discoloration, we can bring that natural wood beauty back to life!


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Log Home Restoration

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Clean. Stain. Condition your wood.

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Our approach

We Make Sure Your Log or Cedar Home Cleaning is Environmentally Friendly

Of course, you love your home, but professional cleaning and restoration may be scary. You might be concerned about the safety of your family, your pets, and your landscape. With Atkins, you can rest easy. We take your safety seriously, and clean log and cedar homes with a safe, environmentally-friendly peroxicarbonate-based cleaner. We also protect the integrity of the wood by using low-pressure washing. This prevents damaging the grain of the wood and ensures water is not forced under cedar shakes.

Fix Stains and Leaks

When we are working on a property that has a substantial buildup of stains or leakage between logs, stripping may be needed. In many of these cases, we choose from a crushed glass or ground corn to perform a procedure called media blasting. By using these naturally abrasive materials, we don't need to resort to using caustic strippers that can damage the interior finish, and severely damage the surrounding landscape.

Need Repairs to Your Log Cabin or Cedar Home?

Of course, people love looking at log and cedar dwellings, but did you know that local critters can also be drawn to the exposed wood? Woodpeckers and carpenter bees often cause minor damage to all parts of your exterior. We can complete all kinds of minor repairs, including replacing rotten log faces or broken siding, chinking, and caulking around windows. Want future protection from wood-boring insects? We incorporate an insecticide into your stain to prevent wood-boring insects from chewing the wood in ways that can cause damage over time.

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Locally Owned Means We Know Lancaster County

To keep your log or cedar home looking better longer, call on the Atkins professionals to clean, repair, and protect your home’s wood exterior. We’re locally owned and operated, so we understand the needs of homeowners throughout the greater Lancaster area. We’ll use environmentally-friendly methods to give you professional results. With our cedar home restoration and log home restoration services, you may just fall in love with your house all over again.

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