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Preserving Your New Deck

The addition of a nice, new deck to your home can be a breath of fresh air. Decks can quickly become a centerpiece and frequent living space for you and your family. But, without proper care and treatment, decks can soon become the most avoided part of your home.

Splintering, sagging, and warping are all effects of not properly taking care of your deck. The problem is that many homeowners aren’t aware of how to take preventative measures. What materials are needed? How often should treatment be conducted?

Caring For Your Deck

This typically depends on the type of material used in the decking. Different types of wood require different styles and care methods, and wooden flooring differs from vinyl flooring. If you have a wooden floor, applying sealant is a great option. This can be done by the homeowner or a more experienced professional service. 

Clear sealants can be used to treat your new deck. These have some UV protection; however, it is better to use a pigmented oil finish designed to protect the deck longer. The way I like to put it, clear is like using SPF 15 at the beach, using a pigmented product is more like using SPF 80. Protecting your deck from water further prevents damage such as rot, warping, and splintering. 

Before sealing, you should clean your deck. You do not want to seal dirt and grime into the wood! Washing your deck is a satisfying process, typically done by power washing. Power washing is the best way to ensure your deck gets a deep and thorough cleaning. Cleaning with a power washer should be limited to no more than 1000 psi of pressure. Instead, use a quality cleaning agent designed to loosen the built-up dirt and staining. Higher pressure will cause damage to the wood or composite decking materials. Power washing uses water shot out at a great force to strip wood and vinyl of stuck-on dirt. Any stain on your deck will be effortlessly washed away with a good power wash. 

There are plenty of deck treatment services that could be used on your deck to help preserve and repair it. However, what sets Atkins Deck Treatment Service, Inc apart from our competitors is our environmentally friendly products. At Atkins, we want to take care of you and take care of the beautiful environment around us. That’s why with your deck services, we use products free of harsh chemicals and toxins. 

Deck Treatment Services You Can Trust

Preserving your deck is one of the most important things you could do for it. If you are interested in scheduling regular cleanings, sealing, damage repair, or other deck services, give us a call. Our friendly and experienced team would be more than happy to provide you with a quote that works for you.