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Fundraising Opportunites

Helping local nonprofits and organizations

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One of the passions Rick Atkins, owner of Atkins Deck Treatment, has is helping others and especially those that serve or give back to the community. Many volunteer organizations need help raising money
for the services they provide. Volunteer Fire Companies and other Community Service Organizations are always in need of new equipment to replace worn or out dated items. We would like to help them in
their fund-raising efforts.

We have several fundraising opportunities available for Non-Profit and Volunteer Organizations.

These include gift card sales. This is similar to Groupon. We have $50 gift cards that you sell for $25. You keep the $25 and the purchaser will receive $50 towards services performed by Atkins Deck Treatment
Service. We honor as many cards as they purchase. We also do a Free Service drawing in combination with the sales of the gift cards. For every $500 worth of cards sold we will give $500 worth of service to the lucky winner.

If you have an idea about how we can help in other ways please contact Us so we can talk about it.

Does your Volunteer Community Service Organization need some exterior cleaning done? Save your valuable budget for Crucial items, let us know how we can help getting your facility cleaned. We donate our time to make your facility cleaner and safer making you look good to the community.

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