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Lancaster County Exterior Painting Services

Upgrade Your Curb Appeal With A Fresh Coat of Paint!

There are many improvements you can make to your house. Cleaning your roofs, maintaining your deck, and repointing your brick are all vital to preserving the integrity of your property. But when you want a big impact fast, nothing beats painting. Whether you like the classic look of a white home, the sunny feel of a yellow bungalow, or want to get creative with your house's colors, painting is an easy way to change the feel of your entire property.

Different types of exteriors require different approaches to paint. In the greater Lancaster area, we have homes that use a variety of materials. Dwellings in this area may have wood siding, aluminum siding, painted brick, stucco, iron and metalwork, shutters, cedar shingle, composite siding, board and batten cladding, Dryvit- or Plexlite-coated homes, and even sheet metal.

No matter which type of paint or surface your home has now, when you need a new look, Atkins can clean, restore, and repaint your home with beautiful results.

We Prep Better So Your Paint Job Last Longer

No matter how big or small your exterior is, painting is an investment. We know that you expect professional painting to prep properly so that your paint job looks great for years to come. That's why we start with quality paint. We use Benjamin Moore Aura exterior paint, one of the best exterior paints available, to give you a long-lasting coating that will retain its color for many years.

We'll inspect your home before we even get started. We'll examine the integrity of your exterior, point out any issues with the surface's we're painting, and recommend repairs like replacing worn cedar shakes, fixing an area of crumbling masonry.

While we're repainting your home, we can also take care of small wear issues. In many exterior painting jobs, we will repair damaged or rotten trim and re-caulk where needed around windows and doors to prevent water from damaging your home.

Before Before Exterior Painting Services After After Exterior Painting Services

Locally Owned Means We Know Lancaster County

When you want a professional paint crew that can also make small structural repairs, call on Atkins’ professional painting services. We're locally-owned and operated, so we understand how to care for old and new homes in the greater Lancaster area. Our experienced painting crews understand how to work with all types of surfaces, so once we finish the job your home will look great for years to come.

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