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Deck/Fence Maintenance & Restoration

Keep your deck and wood fencing looking great season after season! We offer complete deck and fence maintenance and restoration for pressure treated, composite and hardwood decks and fencing, using a safe, environmentally-friendly process that revitalizes the wood, giving it a like-new appearance.

Need general repairs for your fencing or deck? We can handle that too! We'll replace bad boards, correct drainage problems and more. We can also install lattice under your deck to give it a more finished appearance.

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House Power Washing: Every home becomes dirty over time, detracting from its beauty. Remove mold, mildew and stains with our professional pressure washing services.

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Log & Cedar Home Restoration

Log and cedar homes need to be cleaned and re-stained every so often to preserve their appearance and protect the wood. Whether your log or cedar home has grown darker over time or has unsightly staining and discoloration, we can bring your home's natural wood beauty back to life!

We generally clean log and cedar homes with a safe, environmentally-friendly peroxicarbonate-based cleaner, using low pressure washing. When a home has heavy buildup of prior stains or has leakage between logs, we use either crushed glass or ground corn to perform a procedure called media blasting. This prevents the need to use caustic strippers that can damage the interior finish.

After your home is cleaned, we apply Gemini TWP, a semi-transparent, stain / preservative to protect the wood and make it look beautiful again.

We can also handle minor repairs to your home caused by woodpeckers and carpenter bees including replacing rotten log faces or broken siding, chinking and caulking around windows. Need protection from wood boring insects? We can incorporate an insecticide into your stain to prevent wood boring insects from chewing the wood that can cause damage over time.

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Roof Cleaning Services: Cleaning & maintaining your roof can save you money! Contaminants such as mildew can cause it to stain & break down, reducing property value.

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Exterior Painting

Nothing upgrades the curb appeal of your home faster than a fresh coat of paint! Whether you have older aluminum siding with chalky paint, wood siding with cracked or peeling paint or a stucco, Dryvit or Plexlite coated home that needs a new look, Atkins Deck Treatment Services can clean and repaint your home with beautiful results.

We use Benjamin Moore Aura exterior paint to give you a long-lasting coating that will retain its color for many years. While we're repainting your home we can also repair damaged or rotten trim and re-caulk where needed around windows and doors to prevent water from damaging your home.

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Patio & Walkway Cleaning: Return your brick, stone and concrete surfaces to beauty with a rejuvenating low-pressure washing using environmentally-friendly cleaners.

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Brick Pathways & Surface Cleaning Services: Restore weather-worn brick surfaces with Atkins Deck professional power washing brick restoration services.

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Unsightly rust stains on your roof, concrete driveway, sidewalks, brick & stucco walls? Get it removed the right way with Atkin's expertise and power equipment.

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Masonry Waterproofing

Brick walls and other masonry surfaces are porous and absorb water that can cause potential problems. To prevent water damage, these surfaces should be sealed with a good quality sealer, typically a siloxane type of sealer. We can help you protect your brick and masonry surfaces using several different siloxane sealers, depending on the type of surface that needs to be sealed. We seal sidewalks, bricks, split-faced block, artificial stone and stucco.

Our process involves testing the surface first to ensure it actually needs to be sealed. This is called a Rylum test that determines if the surface is accepting of water. If the water beads on the surface, it doesn't need to be sealed. If the water gets absorbed, we will apply a sealer that will protect the surface for many years. The sealant lasts for about 10 years on vertical surfaces, like walls, 5 years on horizontal surfaces like concrete walks or patios.

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Are dirt and grime reducing the efficiency of your solar panels? Atkin Deck can help with our integrated pure water cleaning system. Professionals Cleaning every time.

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