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Keep Your Deck and Wood Fencing Looking Great Season After Season!

You've invested a lot to create a safe and attractive deck that is a wonderful place to entertain and enjoy good weather. But decks need care and maintenance to stay looking good. Sun, rain, humidity, cold, insects, critters, and even people can take a real toll on your deck and fencing. When these wear out, they can splinter, warp, or even rot, creating a real safety hazard.

Luckily, you've got Atkins, a great locally-owned home restoration resource that has experience with pressure treated, composite, and hardwood decks and all kinds of fencing.

Our Processes and Solutions are Safe for Your Deck AND Your Family

When it comes to cleaning and repairing your decks, there are a lot of options out there that lean on strong chemicals and toxic solvents. But we know that you're concerned about the health of your family, your pets, and even your landscape. That's why every one of our Lancaster-based professionals is committed to using a safe, environmentally-friendly process that you can feel good about. Not only is our method better for you and your home, but it also effectively revitalizes the wood, giving it a like-new appearance.

We'll also inspect your deck and complete repairs that make it safe and help it to last longer. Our team will replace bad boards, correct drainage problems, and more. We can also install lattice under your deck to give it a more finished appearance. No matter what materials are used on your deck, we can help you restore it, maintain it, make it look better, and help it last longer.

Need General Repairs for your Fencing?

Are your fences falling down? Rotting? Warped or cracked? Why replace your fencing when you can repair it to look like new? We service and restore all kinds of fences throughout the greater Lancaster area. Whether your fence is pressure-treated, hardwood, picket, vinyl, split rail, composite, or even chain link, we'll repair and restore it to make it secure and attractive. We can also help with farm fencing.

We start by with a complete inspection and then recommend repairs and restorations that will help you keep your fences in great shape for years to come. Whether we replace boards, rebuild sections, replace fasteners, paint, refinish, stain, waterproof, or reinforce framework, we have the experienced team to get the job done.

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Locally Owned Means We Know Lancaster County

To repair or restore your deck and fencing, call on Atkins professionals. We're locally-owned and operated, so we understand how to clean, restore, and repair decks and fencing in the greater Lancaster area. Atkins professionals will use the solutions and equipment that are right for your deck, your fencing, and your property.

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