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Lancaster County Brick Restoration Services

Keep Your Home’s Brick Pathways & Surfaces Looking Great

Lancaster County homes are famous for their stately brick homes and buildings, detailed brick trims, and lovely brick patios and walkways. For hundreds of years, people in Manheim, Lititz, Gap, Landisville, Quarryville, Elizabethtown, Millersville, and throughout the greater Lancaster area have valued the look and durability of brick. While bricks are a strong and lasting building product, this time-honored building material also needs some care to keep it looking great and structurally sound.

Atkins has been helping Lancaster County homeowners clean and restore all types of exterior home surfaces for more than 25 years. Let our team of experienced brick maintenance professionals restore your brick home to its original beauty.

Why do Brick Surfaces Need Maintenance?

Brick is basically baked clay. That means that brick surfaces, and other masonry, are porous surfaces that can absorb dirt and water in ways that can cause potential problems. For some homeowners, paint stains from aluminum siding or black carbon buildup can mar the natural good looks of a brick home. For others, mildew, mold or algae builds up in shady areas and is especially troublesome on brick patios and brick walkways.

Brick Restoration

An Atkins brick maintenance professional can thoroughly clean your bricks, using our specialized solutions and equipment. Our brick cleaning process is through, but gentle, and our environmentally-friend solutions won’t damage your lawn or surrounding shrubs.

We also take a comprehensive approach to ongoing brick care by first testing the surface to determine if it needs to be sealed. If the water beads on the surface of your bricks, they don't need to be sealed. If the water gets absorbed, these brick surfaces must be appropriately sealed to prevent brick water damage and future stains on bricks and masonry.

However, brick and masonry composition and surfaces vary, so there’s no one brick cleaning or brick sealing solution that’s right for all projects. A brick and masonry expert from Atkins will help you protect your brick and masonry surfaces by choosing the proper sealant for your brick surface. We’ll apply a brick sealer that will protect the surface for many years. Our brick sealant process usually lasts about ten years on vertical surfaces, like brick walls, and five years on horizontal surfaces like brick or concrete walks or brick patios.

Atkins can seal brick sidewalks, bricks, split-faced block, artificial stone, and stucco. Our experienced brick cleaning and maintenance team also offers brick repointing services on small areas including brick walks and brick walls if needed.

Before Before Brick Restoration Services After After Brick Restoration Services
Before Before Brick Restoration Services After After Brick Restoration Services

Minor Brick Repointing is Available

If your brick home, walks, or patio need repointing or minor repairs, Atkins can help. Our expert brick cleaning and maintenance services can include minor repointing on flagstone walks, brick patios and brick walls. Atkins is pleased to refer you to a qualified mason for larger jobs.

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